Industry can be a daunting task for contractors. Successful contractors  know that by entering a partnership with LIUNA, they will stream line the process and can bid with confidence employing a labor force that is proficient in industry safety standards and has completed extensive, hands-on training in the building and construction trades industry. Contractors can expect the project completed on time, on budget and with minimal to zero worker injury or fatality. 

Consider making the move with the successful contractors that have a National Agreement with LIUNA and the tens of thousands of contractors at the local-level.  LIUNA and its signatory contractors are working together to enforce safety standards of the industry, improve contract procurement process, promote quality results by union workers and protect the bottom line. We have helped public entities and Fortune 500 companies develop easy-to-use contract procurement methods that award points for training, safety, past performance, regulatory compliance, and other quality-related issues. We work with signatory contractors and key industry groups to promote and enforce the fair contracting laws that help protect responsible contractors, construction workers and taxpayers. Make the move with other successful contractors work with LIUNA to revive America’s economy by rebuilding its outdated, crumbling, fragile transportation infrastructure. 

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